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  • Depression

    I sometimes get really depressed. I have lived with this most of my life but I have found that in the last few years the feelings have been darker and more intense. I know the warning signs and can tell when I am about to take the dark road through my psyche. It is something […]

  • Why Philosophy?

    I have never been a bookworm. My interest in computers always kept me away from the written word. I would spend all my time pouring over new frameworks and churning out code till all hours of the night. But that was the old me, the one who was young and thought the highest pinnacle I […]

  • Age

    I am a developer by trade. I make my living through the creation of code. Everything I create will be rewritten, I have no illusions about that. I think about ageism a lot given the work force I am in. The younger generation always seem smarter and better equipped. But we must remember that everything […]

  • On Preconceptions

    I will let better men argue about whether we are born with our ideas about good and evil or that we develop them as we grow. For myself I only care that I have them and that they influence how I deal with the world. Epictetus is right in my opinion that all of the […]