I am a developer by trade. I make my living through the creation of code. Everything I create will be rewritten, I have no illusions about that. I think about ageism a lot given the work force I am in. The younger generation always seem smarter and better equipped. But we must remember that everything that is external to our will is on borrowed time.

One of the first things we learn as a Stoic is where we should be placing our notions of good and evil. It is in my opinion one of the hardest things to learn and maintain in the world we live in which thrives on possession and accumulation. I look around right now at my warm house and my books and my family and have to tell myself an uncomfortable truth, this is all going to be gone someday. Every child I have will be buried someday. All of my books are destined for the heap. This house will be pushed over one day. And yes, one day I will no longer be a developer.

For most this would be a source of sorrow or grief. But if your will is in line with nature it is comforting. Change is not something to be feared. It is a sign that the reason in the universe is moving still. Actively moving the pieces around on the board. The key to this is remembering that you are one of those pieces too. And whatever change comes means that you have a whole new opportunity for growth.