COVID-19 There goes the neighborhood...

So I wanted this blog to be about tech stuff, and in a way this is about tech. Its about the place I work and how this is all shaking out. I have three kids who are as of today out of school till late March. I have a wife who is a actively hunting work since we moved and here I am sitting at my desk in my tiny apartment in a state with (as of me writing this) has 20+ cases. Pretty scary considering Arkansas has 1 case. Am I scared, yeah a little. If you listen to CNN then Trump is trying to kill everyone. If you listen to Fox then its all a scam by the Dems to discredit Trump. The truth, as is usually the case is probably somewhere in the middle.

Back to the root of this though, I work in a large company. And I got really lucky to get hired by them as they are honestly brilliant at  everything they do. I have been luck enough to work a large number of separate companies like that now. In the last two however I have had the luxury of working from home when the need arises.  Something I thoroughly enjoy doing since I get to focus and take breaks without the fear of being secretely judged by the more "go-getters" in the crowd. I bring this up because I feel like I need to explain how somebody who is a chronic procastinator and has trouble focusing avoids being useless while at home.  

1. The TV is broken

No not really, but you have to pretend it is. Between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and all that you have to really avoid it like the plague(Too soon?)...

2. Stay Hydrated

When working from the house I keep a big glass of tea beside me. And I sip on it all the time. Why? Because time away from the chair is a gauntlet of possible shiny objects that can distract you. You mind is a pain avoidance tool, and if your work is grinding like mine is sometimes your brain would rather do all kinds of things than keep doing what you are supposed to be doing.

3. If your wife/husband/partner is home, they are the enemy....

Not really, but there is nothing like taking a midday nap with your loved one. And since someone is paying you to do other things than nap, avoiding them is imperative. Though the occasional walk by kiss on the head is always appreciated. I set my computer up in the living room, which in this apartment is central to everything but my wife and I have made arrangements to make sure I dont get too distracted.

4. Get Comfortable, but not TOO comfortable.

A good chair, a nice keyboard, those are staples of a work from home setup. But make sure you are not reclined when working. Its easy to get sleepy when reclined.

So there you have it, the best advice I have for getting some work done while sitting at the house waiting for all this to blow over. Note.  Dont go to the pub.... nothing like trying to write legibly while drunk