A journey of a thousand miles begins.

I had never thought about becoming a software architect. My focus has always been on becoming the best developer I could be. I have studied design patterns, algorthms, and countless frameworks, libraries and languages but it never occurred to me to study how things get built. I have always been one who started coding as soon as possible and the solution would manifest. 

Unfortunately, thats not a sustainable philosophy for a developer anymore. If you want to continue to be successful you have to have a plan. It's not enought to have a solution you have to be able to explain that solution and all the tradeoffs and costs associated with it. I wonder if its a hallmark of my evolution as a developer that I finally see how inept my approach was.

In December of 2019 I moved away from home finally. I left the state and comfort of my environment to take a chance on becoming something better. I had never lived more than 20 miles from where I was born. I had been a developer for 10 years, first in PHP and then for the past four years C# .Net and Sitefinity. I was a big fish in a little pond as they say, and I had become relaxed. I no longer was striving or pushing myself to become more. Now here I was surrounded by brilliant developers who expected me to be brilliant. I had to hit the books again. I had to become comfortable with not knowing things, asking questions and growing beyond my comfort zone. 

Which leads me to this site and these posts I intend to write. Feynman had a method that he used to learn things, learning strategies like SQ5R also extol the virtues of teaching others and reciting and reviewing the things we learn to make them stick. So for this series of articles you will be my pupils. I will do my best to synthesize everything I read into understandable prose.

Where I will start

designit book

I purchased this book from Amazon and have already started reading it. Most of my articles will be a mix of this books information and various videos and articles I find online. I will provide links as I find them.